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Lean Construction 


We work with construction professionals to implement standardized practices to create a common language around complex projects.  Facilitate a process to create flow of work and optimize production to reduce schedule.  The practice of Lean Construction is designed to create a collaborative environment, gain input from subcontracors, and continuously learn and improve work practices.


Proven leader in implementing and supporting change

Healthcare Management

We work with executives, physicians, and administration to facilitate process improvements in strategic planning, clinical practice, physician recruitment, grant management, capital build outs, staffing models, budgeting, accounting, technology strategies, marketing, fundraising.

We build collaborative teams, create rapid turnarounds to operations, and insure deep progress change is left intact.

Organizational Management

We work with individuals and organizations to identify, implement, and sustain directed change.   Assist clients to make and execute strategic decisions and remove barriers impeding success.  Work effectively with all members of the team and establish buy in and enthusiasm around change making.  Train and create leadership roles in support of organizational transitions.

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